Welcome to my life long love affair with Music

My Goal is to Share Music With You

WHY Music?   I love to do something that is transitory … You put the music out to the world, and it creates a feeling (or it doesn’t), and then its gone. 


WHAT Inspires Me?  I have to play…If I don’t play it feels like I’ve had a limb amputated. Many things inspire me – world events, seeing and hearing other musicians playing and singing, My Heiden guitars – their beauty and the way they vibrate against me….Even my cat Mr. Dave

WHO Inspires Me?  PEOPLE – those who are skilled, those who are learning …
mostly, those who just keep on playing!


    Concerts    House Concerts    Festivals


          In a Group      Solo Performer


             So … is it your time to learn?

House Concerts

              It is a time to SHARE music –
We would love to share that with you!

Important links and Contact Information

Previous House Concerts – Wooden Nickel Productions has presented the following folks  – check out their web sites along with other of my recommended links

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