What Are House Concerts?

Here are some basic facts about house concerts that will help you to fully enjoy attending one of our events.

House concerts exist throughout North America and have been spawned by the folk-roots community so that folk musicians can perform for audiences who might otherwise not see them.  While on tour, it’s not uncommon for musicians to have ‘days off’ between gigs - if a house concert can be arranged at this time everyone benefits.

House concerts are not free events; people pay to get into them.  We always have two levels of cost for a house concert, ‘waged’ and ‘unwaged’ (less expensive).  People self-select to one or the other group, no questions asked.  Our guests find us by invitation and by word of mouth. The musicians receive the total ‘door’ of our house concerts - we keep no money for ourselves.  We do this because we love to share music ... and to see our musician friends.

The secret of house concerts lies in presenting excellent performers in a small, intimate environment. We only present musicians we know to be wonderful.  As people have learned to trust the quality level of our concerts, it has become necessary to take reservations because the space fills up quickly.

Contact me to reserve a place at our concert:


So ... what can you expect?  Doors ‘Open’ half an hour before the concert begins - we know you’ll contain your eagerness and not arrive significantly early - but do come on time, seats do fill quickly. 

You will be treated to 2 sets of music, each about 45 minutes long, with a break in between.  Coffee, tea and goodies are provided in the break as part of the cost.  If you’d like to bring your own alternative libation you are welcome to do so.  Many musicians have CD’s for sale and are quite happy to sign them.

There is very little distance between musicians and their audience at a house concert - physically and psychologically - for this evening, we are together.

It is a time to SHARE music - we would love to share that with you!

Music Lives! with Bob de Wolff

How can you attend one of our house concerts?

Contact me:


You can reserve your place by email and I’ll put you on my mailing list so you’ll be one of the first to hear about the next concert.

Where are we?

1725 Shearwater Terrace, North Saanich, V8L 5L4


Concerts are held in the living room and parlour of our home - great sight lines and fabulous acoustics from every seat.  Our space holds up to 40 people comfortably.